The Sleepwalker Festival is a high-spirited festival that happens every year in the small town of Rittman, Ohio. The residents of Rittman get together for fireworks, a car show, fun activities, and great fair food!

The festival kicks off on Thursday with the well-loved Sleepwalker Parade! Firetrucks from around the area (Rittman, Seville, Wadsworth, and Medina) make an appearance, as well as schools, commercial floats, politicians, and non-profits. 

Regular attendees of the Sleepwalker Parade are Bauman Orchards, NCL Landscaping, and, of course, Schar Heating & Cooling! This year we had a fun & colorful float that won second place for commercial! (We came 2nd to Bauman Orchards, which is no surprise. They pull out all the stops when it comes to the parade!)

For the parade we threw every goodie you can think of; temporary tattoos, glowsticks, bubbles, pens, pencils, football squishies, and PLENTY of candy! The parade-goers were delighted!

This year we sponsored the Sleepwalker Festival, attended the parade, and even had our staff volunteer for some of the events! 

The Sleepwalker Festival, organized and run by Amanda Nelson of the Rittman Chamber of Commerce, is an experience we will cherish and attend for many years to come!

We hope to see you next year and for Sleepwalker to be bigger and better than ever!

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