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Schar Heating and Cooling is a family-owned and family-run business that has been serving our surrounding communities with trustworthy quality services and products for over 30 years! Our happy customers have awarded us with 4.9 stars on over 625 Google reviews. We specialize in making custom solutions for every person we serve. Our mission is to make our corner of the world full of comfortable, safe, and efficient spaces- including yours! At Schar Heating and Cooling, we care about you.

Airflow! Airflow! Airflow! When airflow is obstructed due to full air filters or dirty equipment, it starves the equipment of the air it needs to cool your home. Check your filter if your A.C. isn’t cooling properly. Give us a call or schedule online at

This is a great question. There are various factors which influence the correct answer. What is the climate of the location of your home? If you live in Northeast Ohio near Rittman, Wadsworth, Wooster, or Akron, your needs are going to be directly influenced by the summer weather in this area. Another contributing factor is the square footage and layout of your space. Proper airflow of the system is vital to consider. An oversized unit will not run long enough to properly dehumidify and cool your home, while an undersized unit will cause the equipment to run constantly and fail to create a comfortable space. The Comfort Specialists at Schar Heating and Cooling are well versed in testing your particular home to determine the best way to make you safe, happy, and comfortable for years to come. Call or schedule online today at

 In a word, YES! This equipment works around the clock to make sure you are kept comfortable, safe, and happy. You would never consider skipping maintenance on your car. Your air conditioner runs many more “miles” than your car. It is responsible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep a large space at a constant temperature. That’s a big job! Regular maintenance at some point during the cooling season avoids unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Refrigerant leaks are dangerous for the environment and can be detected and fixed by a specialist. Find a technician you can depend on at Schar Heating and Cooling. We have maintenance plans that will save you money and inconvenience 365 days a year. Visit to make an appointment right now.

Change your air filter. Yes, it’s really that simple… and really that important. Depending on your type of filter, the replacement schedule can be as short as 1 month or as long as a year. Ask your specialist at Schar Heating and Cooling which air filter you have. Give us a call- we may have it noted on our computer. If not, you can bring your old filter in or text us a picture of it. We literally have hundreds of filters in stock. Call or chat online at, and we can equip you with the correct size today. Changing your filter on time is the cheapest, easiest way to keep your home cool and comfy.

 In the Wooster, Wadsworth, Rittman, and Akron areas, we appreciate comfortable bedrooms during the hot summers. There are some easy things to check. First, find your supply air registers. Make sure they are not covered by furniture. Take the register off. Is the ductwork clean and free of debris? Ensuring the cold air has the opportunity to flow into the room is the first step. Secondly, you can examine the actual register to make sure the damper cover isn’t covering the louvers, which would prohibit airflow. There are great solutions the Comfort Specialists at Schar Heating and Cooling can offer. We perform air flow tests on your equipment and make recommendations to correct your system based on the data. We can make you comfortable in your bedroom every night of the year. Find us at and schedule an appointment today. We offer free estimates for replacements!

With regular maintenance, your A.C. unit can last ten to fifteen years. That seems like a wide time range, but many factors influence the life span of air conditioners. Has the unit been maintained yearly? Has the filter been changed regularly? Has the unit been exposed to inclement Akron/Wadsworth weather for many years? Some brands last longer than others. At Schar Heating and Cooling, we can recommend brands we have found superior and long lasting. If you notice an increase in your electric bill or have multiple or costly repairs, you should call us today to get a free estimate on updated equipment. Call or visit today. We are here to serve you!

The people at Schar Heating and Cooling care about creating a sustainable environment in our Wayne County community just like you do. Freon and the gases safely sealed in your system are used to make the coils in your air conditioner cold. This chilled air can be blown by your furnace fan into your house. Research has shown that these gases are dangerous for our world when they leak into the air. This sounds very scary, but under normal circumstances, the process of air-conditioning is very safe. New systems are designed to keep these contaminants in a sealed coil. When operating typically, the gases are never exposed to the air. You are happy because you are comfortable and cool in your home. Wadsworth and the Akron area are happy because our air is free of harmful gases. Regular yearly maintenance prevents bad things from happening with your system. Schar Heating and Cooling offers affordable plans to keep your systems maintained and safe. When an A C unit gets old or is damaged, there is the danger of the coil or refrigerant lines developing holes or leaks which allow the refrigerant gases to escape the system and into the air. The United States government constantly monitors this pollution situation and creates laws requiring the use of specific new refrigerants to promote a healthier world. In the past, you may have heard about freon, R22, and R410A. The newest refrigerant is Puron Advance. Ask one of our qualified technicians to explain this in greater detail to you. Call or schedule online today at to keep you and your system safe and healthy.

Give us a call at 330-927-1125 or visit our website to schedule there. We have qualified and certified technicians on call to help you out. It’s our pleasure to keep our neighbors in the Wadsworth/Rittman/Akron area safe and comfortable 365 days a year.

Installation time depends on the existing system. The experts at Schar Heating and Cooling create a custom system unique for your Wadsworth area home. Just like snowflakes, no two systems are exactly the same- with the exception of our 100% happiness guarantee! In answer to the question, an installation can take less than a day or up to a few days depending on the complexity of the situation.

At Schar Heating and Cooling, we stand for innovation, education, dedication, compassion, and resolution! Our Wadsworth, Rittman, Wooster, and Akron area customers can expect professional service from the first visit of the Comfort Specialist all the way through until the Installation Experts ensure the property is in tip top shape with the new equipment working perfectly.

Our knowledgeable call center staff answer your questions and schedule your appointment either over the phone by calling 330-927-1125 or online at You will be asked a few questions in order for us to offer you the best solutions.

We have the best Comfort Specialists anywhere in Ohio. We drive near and far- Wadsworth, Rittman, Orrville, Wooster, Bath, Akron, Sharon Center, and really anywhere in Northeast Ohio to make a visit to your home. You’ll receive a text introducing them with a photo. You’ll recognize them by their photo, professional uniform, and logoed vehicle. This exploration visit often takes at least an hour. The reason it takes so long is that we create a custom-made system specifically just for you and your home. There are many options to make you safe, cozy, and happy in your home, and our Specialists make the process easy and enjoyable. Call or visit Schar Heating and Cooling at to get a free estimate today. We look forward to helping you chose the best solutions for heating, cooling, and air purification in your unique home!

Our friendly Install Coordinator will meet your needs for installation date, permitting requirements, and other details required to make your experience seamless and easy.
On the day of the air conditioner replacement, you will get a text with photos and the names of the installation experts before they arrive. Their logo uniforms and trucks make our clients feel safe and prepared for the experience. The best part of this step is a blissful feeling from the comfort of a new air conditioner after installation. We also hear other great comments from our customers. They love the way we respect their homes by wearing shoe covers. Sometimes, it’s necessary to lay down drop cloths or other floor protection to keep your home clean. We also have our spectacular clean-up process. We remove all old equipment, packaging material, and ensure your space is cleaner than when we arrived. Before our Experts leave, they ensure your unit is running perfectly and that you are knowledgeable about controlling your new investment.

The follow up visit by the Comfort Specialist is a quick happy visit. Schar Heating and Cooling offer all our customers in Wayne, Medina, and Summit Counties 100% satisfaction. This is the moment when we answer any questions and impart any needed education concerning the new equipment.

This is a great question! Since we offer custom solutions to every single homeowner and technology is rapidly increasing with new products, the specific number changes regularly. We offer whole home air conditioning, which may be in the form of an easily recognizable outdoor air condensing unit, a heat pump (which both heats and cools), a mini-split, a ductless unit, geothermal, or a chiller, to name some of the options. The bottom line is that Schar Heating and Cooling has the exact right equipment to serve your Wadsworth and Akron area home. Call or visit our website at for a free estimate!